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About Us

In 2012, we began as a mom, pop, and son operation. We ordered way too much green coffee from an obscure importer and filled our back porch with smoke. Did you know roasters put out a lot of smoke? We didn’t.

A year later, we opened our shop in the former location of Red’s Bar in Historic Downtown Sikeston, Missouri. The neighborhood was just beginning its current wave of energy and revitalization, and we wanted in on it. Within weeks, loyal regulars found us, and our beans spread to other cafes in our area. Southeast Missouri had not yet experienced third-wave coffee in full, and it looked like we were all thirsty for it. Locals lined up for open mic nights, Thursday Night Throwdowns, and morning cups of the good stuff. Historic Downtown Sikeston seemed to grow every day, as well.

man and woman posing for a photo
man in front of a coffee machine

Soon we traded our .25 kg Hottop Roaster for a 1 kg North Coffee Roaster, which we imported ourselves from the manufacturer in China. Did you know importing equipment is difficult and takes forever? We didn’t.

After three years of blending frappes, pouring through swan-neck kettles, and steaming creamy milk, we needed to expand. We purchased a building in our neighborhood – formerly Paul’s Christian Bookstore and Woolworth’s before that – and remodeled it. We upgraded our roaster, again, to a 10 kg Proaster, and grew a little bit more.

Now, our friends are seeing their own growth. Our former wholesale client, The Ground-a-Bout of Jackson, MO, took over our wholesale and roasting operations in 2018. Now, we work with Airship Coffee to fill your cups.

two espresso shots


The backbone of our shop is a refurbished La Marzocco Linea 3 Group espresso machine, which was built around 1993 (we think). The precision with which it pulls and steams makes it really fun to use.

woman pouring hot water into a cup


Order a regular cup of coffee and you’ll get one of our single-origin offerings ground fresh and prepared as a pour over. Or if you’d like to try something new, ask the barista to brew your coffee with a siphon, Chemex, Kalita Wave or Aeropress.

person holding an iced coffee


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