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Five Amazing Cafes to visit in Southeast Missouri

Let’s say you’re casually rolling down I-55 or I-57, Highway 60, or Highway 62, basically anywhere in the funny limp noodle-shaped part of Missouri. Southeast Missouri (The Bootheel as we locals call it), home to several homestyle restaurants, shops, events, and flat-out good places to be. While there’s plenty to do and see, starting your morning off right is fundamental to an awesome day. So, that means COFFEE FIRST PEOPLE! Just before Aunt Jessica kisses you way too many times or Uncle Buck tells the same story as last time, drop in to one of these dope coffee shops to jump your day off.

Parengo Coffee

Located 114 E Front Street in Historic Downtown Sikeston, MO; it’s cozy, chill vibe makes Parengo the perfect backdrop to any morning. Now, legend has it that you can smell the coffee from around the corner thanks to Supreme Master Ruler of The Coffee Bean Universe or for short Colby Williams. This place must be visited to truly take in Sikeston, MO.

The Knead

Also located in Sikeston, MO at 1205 E Malone Ave., a different side of town but same great quality. A Christ-based brand, the mission of THE KNEAD is to be a catalyst for AUTHENTIC LIFE-CHANGE for those in our community that finds it virtually impossible to secure mainstream employment and struggle with traditional support services. This place is AMAZING for the community and the people in it but there’s more. The bakery is the crown jewel with the best tasting sweets you can find on land. Stop through for a cup and a muff!

Bread and Butter

Located 2586 N Westwood Blvd Poplar Bluff, MO, this place satisfies both cravings for hearty food and coffee. Wasting no time, let’s get straight to it. The breakfast is flat-out incredible but is in before 10:30 AM or you will regret it. No biggie if you don’t. Their lunch and dinner options are just as great from wraps, sandwiches, soups, desserts, and more. This is a one-stop-shop. Get a cup and plate full of goodies!

The Ground-A-Bout

Located at 107 E Adam Street in Jackson, MO, people come in all directions (roundabout) to enjoy this down-home coffee drink feast. The warm, comfortable, and friendly vibe hit you in the face like a prizefighter in his prime. It’s truly a place of laughs and amazing coffee with local pastries available on demand. So come here and get coffee wasted with old friends and make new ones.

Sweet Mayhem

Located at 1123 1st Street in Kennett, MO. The name says it all. Go crazy about everything this place has to offer. It’s a foodie’s heaven. Some say you can hear the gospel ring in your head after your first taste! I mean, coffee flavors out the wazoo! Get acquainted with a new flavor every visit. And the food is to die for, with burgers like the “The Mad Dragon”,” Spicey Lady”, or “The Corny” and sides like deep-fried avocado fries. This place is everything you ever dreamed of!

So there you have it, folks! The best spots for coffee and eats in Southeast Missouri! Each of these shops serves our signature coffee beans as well! Win-win, right? Enjoy! Tell them Parengo sent you!