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Vintage Blog

Tea and Other Brews

September 14, 2018

The Steep Ascent of Tea We're talking about tea today, because we have this amazing infuser in our store, and we can't get enough of it. When you're ready to…

woman taking a sip of her coffee
coffee grounds

Brewing Made Easy

August 31, 2018

Coffee Brewing Made Easy The formula for coffee and the variables that make that liquid gold in your mug. You’ve heard us say it a million times at this point,…

Coffee Roasting Basics

August 22, 2018

First Crack and Other Stages Coffee roasting are cool. The looks of approval and interest I get when I answer "What do you do?" are affirming. People like meeting the…

man carring a bag of coffee grounds
man crushing coffee grounds

Coffee Grinders

August 20, 2018

All about the grind. Coffee grinders and you. I forget what it was like to live before the time when I thought about coffee grinders every day. There must have…

How to Make the Best Cold Brew

August 16, 2018

COLD BREW COFFEE Surely, you’ve seen it by now. Cold brew coffee is everywhere. It’s in cans and cartons and bottles and nitrogenated into a pint glass like a Guinness…

cold brew in a glass
hand holding an iced coffee

Sparkling Coffee? Are We Really Doing This?

August 1, 2018

Soda or coffee? No, soda and coffee. We have officially made it to a new dimension, and I might kinda like it. Citrus and coffee actually have had a close,…

Getting Personal with Parengo Coffee

July 11, 2018

Hey Parengo family! We’re family by now, right? Perfect! I thought so too! In today’s episode of “What Will Parengo Make Next?”, we’ll be making The Chata - a horchata…

man posing for a photo
How to make the chata

How to Make The Chata

August 1, 2018

Hey Parengo family! We’re family by now, right? Perfect! I thought so too! In today’s episode of “What Will Parengo Make Next?”,

Five Amazing Cafes to visit in Southeast Missouri

July 4, 2018

Let's say you're casually rolling down I-55 or I-57, Highway 60 or Highway 62, basically anywhere in the funny limp noodle-shaped part of Missouri. Southeast Missouri (The Bootheel…

man making coffee
broccoli in coffee?

So, Is Brocc-offee ACTUALLY a Thing?

June 27, 2018

I never would have thought that I’d be having this conversation, but here we are. Humans’ best friend, coffee, and every first grader’s nightmare, broccoli, have joined forces in jaw-dropping…

How to Make Coffee WITHOUT a Brewer

June 20, 2018

Have you ever imagined life without a brewer? Nope, me neither… until now. What a nightmare!! To be honest, it doesn’t have to be. What if I told you that…

how to make coffee without a brewer
iced coffee popsiles

Iced Coffee Popsicles

June 14, 2018

It’s officially summer, and I’m constantly looking for ways to cool off. I love ice cream, iced coffee… basically anything with ice during the hot summer days. BUT, sometimes you…

Five Benefits of Coffee You Probably Didn’t Know About

June 6, 2018

So we all love coffee, right? Some of us must have it before we do ANYTHING in the morning. (Me) Apparently, coffee does more than just help us function properly…

five benefits of coffee you didn't know about
mug with tea and a side of honey

How To Make a Sorghum Latte AT HOME

May 30, 2018

Here at Parengo Coffee, we thrive on keeping things fresh and fun! Every month, we have a new coffee that is suggested by our customers. Our drink for the month…