Coffee Brewing Made Easy

The formula for coffee and the variables that make that liquid gold in your mug.

 You’ve heard us say it a million times at this point, but here it is again, one million and one, the formula for brewing made easy:
Brewing coffee (liquid) = coffee (solid) + water + time

That is the coffee brewing formula. If you took a handful of beans and threw them in a pond and waited, you’d eventually have some version of coffee. It might have tadpoles in it, but in a very broad sense of the definition, it’s still coffee.

Of course, in a coffee shop like Parengo, we strive to make good coffee, and not just pondwater. You can hit a drive-thru at a gas station for pond water. When you want the good stuff, you come to us. So, how do we do it? Understanding the basics like what follows here will get you one step closer to brewing quality coffee at home.

Remember, coffee + water + time. Anything that seems to add to that formula is actually a variable of one of those three components. Also, any variations on one of those three parts require a change somewhere else in the formula to balance it out.

coffee mug