All about the grind.

Coffee grinders and you.

I forget what it was like to live before the time when I thought about coffee grinders every day. There must have been a time. I used to walk into a coffee shop and order one drink and walk away, not considering the mechanics of what happened to make my coffee taste just right. I used to buy pre-ground coffee off the shelf of the grocery store and scoop it willy nilly into an automatic brewer at home. Most likely, I only learned about fresh ground coffee when I got my first coffee shop job and was forced to care as part of the training.

Even for years after that, I am not so sure that I understood the real importance of grinding the beans. Over the course of years, I went on a coffee grinder journey – partially on purpose but often not. From dipping my toes in with grind size, to spend as little as possible on a crappy blade grinder, to spending thousands on commercial grinding machines, I’ve explored about every nook and cranny of the coffee grinder universe at this point. When you’re covered in sweat, grease, and blood and you have every piece of a $4,800 espresso grinder disassembled and strewn about your place of business, trying and trying and trying to get it to work again so that you can open shop in the morning, you learn a thing or two.

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