I never would have thought that I’d be having this conversation, but here we are. Humans’ best friend, coffee, and every first grader’s nightmare, broccoli, have joined forces in jaw-dropping fashion! Once on different ends of the kitchen counter, they now make out in public, deep in Australia. These two have become an unlikely pair in a cup. How you may ask? Broccoli dried and grounded into a fine powder, simply poured into your favorite cup of coffee with steamed milk, is then enjoyed like a latte. A simple ninja sneaky-like way to get a few servings of vegetables before you check your Facebook…I mean get to work in the morning.

Americans, like most people on Earth, don’t get enough vegetables per day. They could be up to something in the down under! Broccoli, a vitamin C,K,A, and B6 enriched demon of the garden (so the first graders call it), has great benefits to offer any health enthusiast or average Joe looking to eat better. Research has proven the best way to get all you can out of broccoli is to cut it into small, fine pieces. This way is even more effective than stir-fried broccoli, according to some studies.

There’s no doubt this combo is weird…I mean super weird, but so is your Uncle Chuck or running around in red underwear proclaiming to be a “SuperMan”, or touchscreen phones before Steve Jobs, or five minutes without Wi-fi.

Will you be giving this unusual concoction a try? Or are you staying away from the broccolatte? Let us know in the comments below!